SECKA Update 01 

April 2024

Welcome to the first SECKA update for 2024, our online newsletter keeping you informed about what's happening across our Kāhui Ako. 

Within School Teachers 2024

We would like to extend warm welcomes to the Within School Teachers that have come on board this year to lead collaborative inquiry's within their schools.

It is exciting to welcome back some familiar faces and be working with some new WSTs too.

Look out for more information about their inquiry's in future updates.

This years WST's are:

Exploring Mathematical Proficiency: Embracing the Science of Learning 

In recent years, educators have increasingly turned to the science of learning to inform their teaching practices. This trend, evident in literacy education, has prompted SECKA to examine its implications for mathematics instruction.

Our investigation led us to the Singapore method, a teaching approach rooted in the national mathematics curriculum of Singaporean schools. This method emphasizes depth over breadth, guiding students through a three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Beginning with hands-on experiences using everyday objects, students progress to pictorial representations before engaging in abstract problem-solving.

The Singaporean method prioritizes problem-solving and critical thinking skills, garnering global recognition, especially following Singapore's consistent top rankings in international education surveys like TIMSS and PISA since 1995.

Aligned with the science of maths, this approach to teaching mathematics and statistics is grounded in scientific evidence of how the brain learns. Similar to literacy, mathematical proficiency involves understanding concepts, employing procedures fluently, applying problem-solving strategies, reasoning, and fostering a positive disposition towards math.

To foster mathematical proficiency, educators should:

Guided by these principles, SECKA Schools, including St Mark’s Catholic School, Elim Golflands Campus, and Our Lady Star of the Sea, are embarking on implementing the science of maths principles. Their progress can be tracked through Within School Teacher Inquiries, providing insights into the efficacy of this approach.

For further information, visit the SECKA Numeracy Site or contact Jessica, the Numeracy Workstream AST.


Our ECE educators and leaders came together on Monday, April 8th, to reconnect after several months. We shared insights into the evolving direction of Kāhui Ako and brainstormed strategies for integrating Achievement Challenges into their ongoing efforts. 

The evening fostered meaningful conversations and collaborative spirit, prompting us to plan another gathering next term. This time, we'll focus on sharing ideas and best practices for growing resilience, especially given the participation of many of our centres in the ENGAGE programme.

Bi-CEP PD for 2024

The South East Christian Kāhui Ako have been fortunate to win 80 hours in Regionally Allocated PLD in Building Teacher capability across our Kāhui Ako through Marau-ā-kura. 

This week, our AST team have met with our wonderful facilitators, Ruth Tate and Kerry Tetupu to flesh out how our the roll our of this PD will look like across the year. Our work will begin with the Wider Leadership Team on the 16th of May.

Marau ā-kura is vital in order to:

Wishing you all a happy productive Term 2

Mā te wā