Our ECE's

Trinity Kindergarten

Trinity Kindergarten aims to develop a healthy mind, body and spirit in every child. We strive to build a sense of belonging for the child and their entire family. We base our programme upon the principles of the Christian faith to ensure that all children get the opportunity to experience Christianity in their daily lives. We will always treat your child with the utmost love, care and respect and we role model this behaviour in all of our interactions.

Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten

We are a community-based kindergarten offering full and half-day sessions for 2 to 5-year olds. Children’s early years are crucial to their lifelong development, so we understand that choosing a kindergarten for your child is an important decision. We believe in holistic education that encourages every child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.

Our highly qualified teachers work with small groups of children to explore and build on ideas. “We encourage children’s natural curiosity and guide them to learn and discover more each day so they can become confident, resourceful, imaginative, life-long learners”.

We know how important it is for YOU to develop relationships with the people taking care of your little ones. We encourage whanau involvement with parent teacher evenings, regular newsletters, and fun family events.

Our mixed-age centre provides a place of connection and collaboration, allowing our younger children to be inspired and challenged by the older children, while our older ones learn to share their skills and take responsibility for others.

Treetops Botany Junction

At Treetops, our mission is to make learning fun, to help children find their passion and to make sure each child is safe and feels loved. We build positive and open relationships with our children, their whānau and the wider community. We value open and frequent communication with parents and whānau, and encourage families to become involved in their children’s learning. 

Marian Early Childhood Centre

The Marian Centre is the first Kindergarten established under  the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Auckland and offer educational experiences and care in a Catholic environment which will enable children to have an awareness of God, Christian values and their place in this world.  We support the faith learned at home in the family and we welcome parent participation and support, however your family does not have to be Catholic in order to be part of the Marian Centre.  Your children are of immeasurable worth and it is our privilege to provide a nurturing, supportive, creative environment providing stimulating learning experiences.