South-East Christian Kāhui Ako

South East Christian Kahua Ako
Sancta Maria College Elim Christian College Santa Maria Catholic Primary School St Mark's Catholic School KingsGate School Our Lady Star of the Sea School

As a group of Principals and Senior Leaders we have worked collaboratively since September 2016 to form a strong learning community. The connectedness of our Kāhui Ako is our faith. From the beginning we have deliberately focused on building positive relationships and strengthening our understanding of each other’s context. Part of this process included our Principals and Senior Leaders visiting each school as a group. We listened to the leaders of each school talk about their unique journey, areas of strength and challenges moving forward.

What was clearly noted during each school visit was the tangible Charism that shone through, giving us all the strong sense that faith was paramount in every aspect of each school. 

The Principals and Senior Leadership came together on a regular basis to collaborate as a group and to drive our community of learning forward.  We were determined as a group that we would progress carefully and deliberately as we were going through the process of direction forming and creating strong foundations for collective practice. We had a strong sense that “slower is faster” and that collaboration is a continuous journey and needs time to be nurtured and sustained.  

In order to build a clear purpose to forming our Kāhui Ako and to purposeful collaboration, two smaller groups were developed, a Visioning Group and a Data Inquiry Group. These groups would meet regularly and then feed back to the larger group on the progress.