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South East Christian Kahua Ako
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Strategic Leadership Hui

Our Kāhui Ako Lead Action Group were fortunate enough to be invited to a Hui facilitated by Melanie Riwai-Couch at Elim Christian College, Botany Campus.

We used this opportunity to look at how we work together as a leadership team and what tools we could use to support our thinking around systems change management and problem solving.

We were also reminded about the importance of involving our whānau and community in the decisions and direction of the Kāhui Ako so that we work together as one - whānaungatanga.  We are working on using  whakawhanaungatanga, which is the process of forming relationships and getting to know each other, to continue our work into the future.

Teacher Only Day 2019

On the 4th of June, our all teachers and support staff from across our Kahui Ako will come together for a Teacher Only Day. This day will give us the opportunity to connect and network with each other, and take away some valuable learning and understanding on learner agency. 

Alison Davies will be coming along to facilitate the day and presenting a keynote. The focus of this keynote address is identifying and exemplifying six key aspects to building and sustaining student agency. This address will set the scene for the three year group workshops and provide an overview of agentic teaching and learning.

Leitia Leota-Preston - Knowing the learner - building self concept and attitude

Jude Parkes - Self efficacy and student agency

Dr Alison Davis - Practices to build the concept of Value 

Teacher Only Day.pdf

Kāhui Ako Leaders Forum - Wellington 6th - 7th June

At the beginning of June, our Kāhui Ako Lead Action Group (Lead Principal, Across School Leads, DPs and Support Principal) flew down to Wellington for a Kāhui Ako Leaders Forum facilitated by Infinity Learning.

We used this opportunity to share our views with colleagues about the recent Charles Fadel event. We discussed what actions had been taken since and what the response had been from broader groups. 

We also discussed the type of lateral learning relationships that are forming in our Kāhui Ako developments.  The session focussed on the interest/energy/commitment coming from students, teachers and whānau. 

It was great to hear from other Kāhui Ako present ideas about how they intend on sustaining their Kāhui Ako beyond 2020. This allowed us to reflect on our actions in sustaining our own Kāhui Ako.

We were also introduced to a new contract opportunity around Learning Maps, Trends and Support.

The project links three ideas 

  • Mapping the interactive web surrounding each student’s learning,  

  • Identifying learning trends worth developing to ensure students grow relevant competencies for the future, and

  • Engaging appropriate people within the student’s interactive web (peers, professionals and whānau/community) to intensify learning support for students in challenging circumstances.  

Our Kāhui Ako are very interested in becoming involved with this project.

Other News

Our ASLs have been working closely with Jude Parkes from Vision Education to formulate a plan on implementing aspects of learner agency with our WSLs.

The ASLs looked closely at feedback provided from our teachers and the areas they will need more support in.