South-East Christian Kāhui Ako

South East Christian Kahua Ako
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Collaboration Around Professional Learning Focus

Over the past nine months we have conducted a range of scoping activities with our wider Kâhui Ako community to select an area of common focus.  From this scoping we reached collective agreement that we could make the greatest difference to our student achievement by a common focus on building learner agency.  

A focus on learner agency should create powerful partnerships with our parents to strengthen learner, parent and teacher agency. Including our entire community (Leadership, staff, teachers, learners, parents, wider community, etc) will assist us to provide systems that enable best practice and a culture of agency within our schools and Kâhui Ako.

In addition to akonga/students themselves, a focus on learner agency should build teacher capacity, capability, and improve well being across akonga and kaiako. We anticipate this will create better transitions for our students at key stages on their educational journey whilst  acknowledging the diversity in our community with a focus on Maori and Pacific learners, priority learners and English Language Learners (ELLs).  The exploration of learner agency through a range of lenses, including faith, will ensure that ownership of learning and achievement will be empowering for our most vulnerable students.  This empowerment should provide a foundation for their journey through further education and their contribution to social innovation in a world that is likely to look very different to the one we see today.

Our Inquiry Question: How can we develop collective efficacy of teachers to raise student outcomes through the development of learner agency?

Week 3: After establishing our overarching inquiry question, the Within School Leads (WSL), in small groups, formulated more specific inquiry questions that showed links to our overarching inquiry question.

The groups of WSLs from across schools worked together to further refine their ideas and inquiry focus for 2019.  From that, the Across School Leads (ASL) collaboratively decided who would work with each group. The ASLs will be meeting with each of the WSLs they have been assigned to over the next few weeks to further strengthen our inquiry focus for 2019.