South-East Christian Kāhui Ako

South East Christian Kahua Ako
Sancta Maria College Elim Christian College Santa Maria Catholic Primary School St Mark's Catholic School KingsGate School Our Lady Star of the Sea School

On the 18th of September, our Kahui Ako hosted another ECE Engagement hui at Our Lady Star of the Sea. We had a mixture of ECE teachers and centre managers attend, representing four centres. Attendees were enthusiastic and passionate about becoming involved within our Kahui Ako.

We posed the same three probing questions which we used in our previous hui in July. After noting down some ideas, we had the opportunity to share and discuss our thoughts and ideas.

  • What can we do as a Kāhui Ako that we cannot do as individual schools?
  • What could our partnership look like? Possibilities/ Potential and Enablers?
  • How can we strengthen the learning opportunities for our children?