South-East Christian Kāhui Ako

South East Christian Kahua Ako
Sancta Maria College Elim Christian College Santa Maria Catholic Primary School St Mark's Catholic School KingsGate School Our Lady Star of the Sea School

We are a community united in our faith in Jesus Christ, valuing each person in our community as being made in the image and likeness of God. Jesus is at the heart of all our schools and we recognise God’s love in every aspect of our lives. We want our students to look to the future with hope and have an inner sense of knowing they are capable of being who they are. We are a community that cherishes, encourages and nurtures each and every child to strengthen their capabilities for life now and in the future. 

We are a community that will work together to design rich learning opportunities and experiences that will challenge and grow our students’ capabilities and understandings. Our aspirations are that students will know who they are, what they value, where they fit in, question knowledge claims and look beyond by thinking critically, creatively and compassionately. 

“You are not a team because you work together. You are a team because you trust, respect and care for each other.” Vahla Afshar