South-East Christian Kāhui Ako

South East Christian Kahua Ako
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The Learning framework encompasses a holistic approach to raising positive outcomes for all learners.

The diagram below captures the learning dimensions our Kāhui Ako have agreed to work on collaboratively. The links between the dimensions are illustrated below. This structure outlines, for our learning community, a framework to sharply focus on relevant learning for the future.  It shows the flow of ideas through the Learning Framework to the identification of inquiries relevant to student learning and wellbeing.

The story behind our new learning framework:

Our Faith (whakapono) brings us together and sits in the middle to show  who we are and our reason for being.  The four corners of the cross convey our faith and values in action.  It is an immovable force that will weather all storms and remain central to our identity.

The wind (Tawhirimatea) represents the drivers of our learning framework.  From a light zephyr to a howling gale the wind will drive the force of change for our Kahui Ako.  

Our iwi share the waka (Tainui) as we paddle forward in faith (whakapono) - working as one we grow in learning together.    

The clouds (Kapua) blow on Tawhirimatea’s breath.  They are shapeshifters and journey through the skies sustaining life and the direction of our journey.   At any given time the cloudscape changes, as our needs evolve.  

The wind, the clouds and the paddlers all affect the performance of our waka.  Together we are strong and can work through the pitching and roiling of the journey.

Ma te whakapono tatou e ahu whakamua. 

Forward in Faith Together.