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South East Christian Kahua Ako
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Learning Maps, Trends and Support

The ASLs are working closely with Brian Annan, Jean Annan and Mary Wootten from Infinity Learning on Learning Maps, Trends and Support. 

The project links three ideas

·      Mapping the interactive web surrounding each student’s learning, 

·      Identifying learning trends worth developing to ensure students grow relevant competencies for the future, and

·      Engaging appropriate people within the student’s interactive web (peers, professionals and whānau/community) to intensify learning support for students in challenging circumstances. 

Over the term, the ASLs plan to implement and trial Learning Maps within their own classrooms. 

October 2019

Since implementing Learning Maps, the ASLs are all at different stages of the process, but are beginning to see the benefits of students mapping their learning. This encourages students to be more active in their learning, more collaborative and more innovative to resolve challenges as learners. We discussed how important the interactions are between the learner and the person, place or tool.